Saturday, 1 August 2015

Coming soon

Hey folks!
While the summer is the time for vacation and going to the beach, I had a different idea (although I went to the beach also). Because I am mostly staying at the city, and I am not use to it, I had few plans for my summer. One of them is blog renewal.
I have been working day and night (mostly day) to get things done, and I planned to get it going until the very first days of August, but I met some technical issues, and for me it takes time to solve them, and after resting for a week at the seaside, I also decided to make some more changes, so it might took few more weeks to get things started. 
But don't worry, I have all my looks in my archive, and not only looks, so you will see them as soon as I release my renewal. 
I can give you few hints about my idea - the blog will be not only redesigned, there will be more than few changes. And it is very much August related, so I will definitely make it until middle of August. 
So please be patient and I will keep you updated, and let's hope there will be no more technical issues :)

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