Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Few days away.

Hey folks, 
I wanted to keep you updated about whats going on in my blog. I told you before that there will be some changes. So now the changes are only few steps away from seeing a daylight. It might take me few more days, and let me tell you what I am going to do on the few days.
To make it less complicated (because when I talk geek nobody seems to understand) I will compare this process to moving to the new apartment.
So my blog use to live in a rental apartment (blogger by google) and now my blog bought a new apartment (not gonna spoil the location yet). So past month or so my blog was doing renovations in the new apartment, and now it is moving in.
It will take that few more days to get settled in, get all the things in the right places before we can have a house warming party. So be patient, because I believe it is going to be worth it.
I will keep you updated :)


Anonymous said...

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